How to Bridge to Degen Chain

Everyone has a little Degen in them. Need help bridging to the native Degen L3 built on Base? Our step-by-step guide will help!

How to Bridge to Degen Chain

Degen is a Layer 3 token built on Base. Launched in January 2024, Degen has helped shape the Farcaster ecosystem by enabling users to reward others with $DEGEN for posting quality content. Degen chain helps to bridge the gap between onchain contributions and real-world value!

Enkrypt is a multichain, non-custodial, and open-source web3 browser wallet built by the team behind MEW (MyEtherWallet). With Enkrypt, users and developers can generate accounts, manage tokens and NFTs, and interact with DApps on Base, as well as Substrate and EVM chains.

In order to interact with Degen DApps, you will need to bridge your assets to Degen chain. Follow the guide below to get started!

*Bridging from chain to chain is always a security risk. Please continue at your own discretion, and do your own research before bridging assets from one chain to another. *

First things first, you'll need to add the Degen L3 to Enkrypt. For help doing so follow this guide.

When you're ready, head to the official Degen bridge interface.

Click on "Connect Wallet".

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.46.11 PM

Click on Enkrypt.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.47.58 PM

Using the navigational bar, click on "Chain" and then "Bridge".

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.49.18 PM

You'll be taken to the following page. Select which tokens you want to bridge to Degen chain, and from which network.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.49.38 PM

Once you know which tokens you want to bridge to Degen chain, enter in an amount.

Click on "Switch Network". Enkrypt will automatically connect you to Degen chain.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.50.13 PM

Click on "Swap".

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.50.21 PM

Enkrypt will pop-up. Click on "Send".

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.50.37 PM

The "Swap" button will change. Click on "View Transaction" to be taken to your transaction hash on a Base block explorer.

Click on "Continue" to continue.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.50.50 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.51.04 PM

Check your $DEGEN balance in Enkrypt. It should show how much you bridged over.

Because Degen is not natively integrated into Enkrypt yet, the dollar value of your $Degen will not appear correctly. Make sure to bother us on socials to see Degen Chain integrated faster!

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.51.53 PM

Scroll down to learn more about Degen chain.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.52.10 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.52.21 PM

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