Use a custom network with Enkrypt

Use the multichain web3 browser extension wallet Enkrypt to connect to custom EVM network RPCs.

Use a custom network with Enkrypt

Enkrypt is a multichain, non-custodial, and open-source web3 browser wallet built by the team behind MEW (MyEtherWallet). With Enkrypt, users and developers can generate accounts, manage tokens and NFTs, and interact with DApps on Polkadot, as well as EVM chains. Follow the instructions in this guide in order to connect Enkrypt to a custom EVM network RPC!

To begin, click on the “Manage networks” button on the bottom left of your Enkrypt wallet.

After clicking on “Manage networks” the following window will appear. Click on the icon shown below.

A dropdown tab will appear. Click on "Custom network".

Clicking on "Custom network" will bring you to the pop-up window shown below. Enter the details of the network you want to connect to in the corresponding text boxes.

We've used AVAX as an example below. After entering the network's details, the "Add network" button will change its color and become clickable. Click on "Add network" to proceed.

After adding the custom network to Enkrypt, it will appear at the bottom of your networks list to the left.

Welcome to the multichain future!
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