How to use Zora with Enkrypt

If you've ever minted an NFT on Warpcast, you've likely interacted with Zora. But did you know there's a whole Zora ecosystem? Read our guide for help using Zora with Enkrypt.

How to use Zora with Enkrypt

Zora is a decentralized exchange that is built on the Base L2 network. It allows users to trade tokens, earn credits on each trade, add liquidity to the exchange and refer users to earn even more credits.

Enkrypt is a multichain, non-custodial, and open-source web3 browser wallet built by the team behind MEW (MyEtherWallet). With Enkrypt, users and developers can generate accounts, manage tokens and NFTs, and interact with DApps on Base, as well as Bitcoin, Substrate and EVM chains. Follow the instructions in this guide on how to use Enkrypt with Zora!

Zora is not (yet) natively integrated into Enkrypt, but it takes just a minute to add. If you haven't yet added Zora network as a custom chain in Enkrypt follow the instructions in this guide, using the following RPC URL: All other info will prepopulate.

Connecting to Zora

Head over to Zora’s website then click ‘Login’.

Select ‘Enkrypt’ on the connect pop up.

On the Enkrypt pop up, select the account you want to connect with then click the ‘Connect’ button.

Click ‘Sign’ to sign the message and proceed with the login process.

Creating an account

You will need to add your email address to complete your profile. Click ‘Complete profile’ to proceed.

Enter your email address then press submit.

Enter a username and display name to complete your profile. Optionally, you can add a bio to your profile.

Once you are done, click ‘Create account’ to complete your profile.

You can connect your social media accounts here, you will need to connect at least 1 account in order to complete your profile. 

Click ‘Finish’ to continue to your profile page.

Mint an NFT collection

From your profile page, you can edit or personalize your profile and even create your own NFT collection.

Click ‘Create your first mint’ to create a new NFT collection.

If the button says ‘Switch network’, click it then it should switch to the correct network for you or prompt you to add the network.

If you do not have the Zora network added, an Enkrypt pop up to add the Zora network should appear. Click ‘Add Network’ to add the Zora network.

You should now see that the button says ‘Post’.

Upload an image then select the ‘Choose a collection’ dropdown menu. If you have an existing collection you can select it to add to that collection. However, if you do not have a collection you can click ‘Create collection’.

Fill out the information for the collection then select ‘Save’.

Now you can click ‘Post’ to mint your collection.

Click ‘Send’ to mint your collection.

After your collection is successfully minted you should see the collection page.

Here you can mint, transfer or sell your NFTs from the collection.

Explore collections

Select ‘Home’ on the navigation side menu.

Here you can view the users you follow or discover new users to follow.

Click ‘Notifications’ in the side navigation menu.

On this page you can view your notifications.

Click ‘Explore’ in the side navigation menu.

Here you can view a variety of NFT collections. You can filter through the collections by selecting the filter options under the search bar.

Click the ‘Trending’ option in the side navigation menu.

Here you can view the highest trending NFT collections from different time frames such as 1hr and 24hr.

Invite users

In the side navigation menu, then click ‘Invite’.

Here you can get your referral link and invite friends to earn ETH whenever they mint an NFT.

Manage Your Offers

Open the side navigation menu then select ‘Offers’.

Here you will see your offers for your NFTs, the offers you placed for other NFT collections and your listings that have offers.

Manage Your Collections

Click your profile picture to open the dropdown menu. Select ‘Dashboard’ to view your user dashboard.

On the dashboard you can manage your NFT collections and view how many rewards you have earned by minting NFTs.

Thank you for checking out our guide on using Zora with Enkrypt! Don't forget to download Enkrypt for a seamless web3 multichain wallet experience. We would love to hear from you on our social media about any guide suggestions you have for the future. Also, if you enjoy using mobile cryptocurrency wallets, give our MEW Wallet mobile app a try, it's available on both iOS and Android platforms!

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