Register a Web3 username from Unstoppable Domains in Enkrypt

Use the multichain web3 browser extension wallet Enkrypt to register a Web3 username from Unstoppable Domains

Register a Web3 username from Unstoppable Domains in Enkrypt

Follow the instructions in this guide to purchase and register your very own Web3 domain in Enkrypt.‌

First things first - make sure you have Enkrypt installed! For help installing and setting up Enkrypt, click here.

To begin, head to Unstopabble Domains.

Once on the Unstoppable Domains homepage, enter the domain name you want in the search bar shown below and click "Search". We’ll be using ‘enkryptwastaken’ as our example throughout this guide because of course, the first thing we did after releasing Enkrypt was register our Web3 domains!

You'll be taken to the following page. Here you'll be able to choose which domain ending you'd like. You can also see suggested names related to your search towards the bottom of the page.

When you've selected which domain ending you want, click on "Add to Cart". All domain endings work the same way and have the same capabilities, which you choose is solely a matter of preference!

The "Add to Cart" button will turn green and the text will change to "Added".

To proceed, click on "Continue to Cart".

A prompt will appear, asking if you reside in the USA. If so, a 5 or 9 digit zip code is required. After entering your zip code, click "Checkout".

You’ll then be asked to Sign Up in order to proceed to checkout. Click on "Connect Wallet".

Click on "Enkrypt" in order to link your Web3 domain to your Enkrypt wallet.

Once connected, click "Sign" to continue.

After signing in Enkrypt, you'll be redirected to the checkout page. Click on the box that says "Crypto", then click "Start Transaction". (You also have the option to purchase your domains with PayPay and credit card, but we are using crypto for the sake of this example).

A warning will appear, making sure you've read and understand that you are sending funds to the Ethereum blockchain. Clicking on the dropdown menu will show a list of networks you can use to pay. For this example we’re using Ethereum, but Enkrypt also supports payment with USDC, DAI, and Bitcoin. Choose your network and click on "Continue".

After choosing a network and clicking on "Continue", the following page will appear. Copy the wallet address and keep note of exactly how much ETH it will cost.

Next, open Enkrypt. Make sure that you’re on the correct network and address depending on which crypto you’re paying with. (To manage networks in Enkrypt, follow this guide.)  After verifying,  click on "Send".

Paste the previously copied wallet address into the "To:" box in Enkrypt. Next, enter the exact amount of ETH from the checkout page. Click "Send".

Once you send the funds, you can close Enkrypt. The checkout page will begin loading.

After the checkout page is finished loading the following page will appear. Click on "Go to my domains" to see your newly purchased Web3 domain!

It will take a few minutes for Unstoppable Domains to register your new Web3 username. Once it's finished loading, click on "Free Mint". Note that a UD domain is a one-time purchase. After minting, the domain is yours to use forever, and there are no annual renewal fees. Like any other NFT, you can even sell or trade your domains!

The following will pop-up. Click on "Continue".

Next, you'll choose which wallet to assign your new domain to. To assign the domain to the wallet you’re currently using, click on the currently connected wallet to continue. Alternatively, you can click on "Add New Wallet" and enter your wallet info. All Unstoppable Domains are ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Unstoppable Domains work across multiple blockchain networks, which means you can send many kinds of crypto and tie multiple addresses to your domain name. You can assign these addresses and manage your domain by connecting your wallet to your UD account dashboard.

After choosing a wallet for your domain, the following page will appear. Triple-check that you're assigning your domain to the correct wallet address. Click "Confirm" when you're done.

Almost done! The minting process will begin. This only takes a few more minutes. Click on "Track Progress" to check if your domain has been minted on the blockchain.

After some time, both "Mint Domain" and "Transfer Domain" will show "Completed" in green. Your domain has been successfully minted and transferred to the appropriate wallet address.

Voila! You are now the owner of an Unstoppable Domain. Use your new, human-readable domain as a substitute for previously long and confusing wallet addresses. You can see your domain by opening up Enkrypt, clicking on Polygon network, and clicking on "NFTs". Congratulations on your new Web3 username!

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