How to use SwapBased with Enkrypt

Need help navigating SwapBased? We got you covered! Use SwapBased to swap assets on Base chain with Enkrypt.

How to use SwapBased with Enkrypt

SwapBased is an automated liquidity protocol implemented in a system of non-upgradeable smart contracts on the Base blockchain. Use SwapBased to swap tokens, provide liquidity, stake tokens, and even participate in daily raffles!

Enkrypt is a multichain, non-custodial, and open-source web3 browser wallet built by the team behind MEW (MyEtherWallet). With Enkrypt, users can generate accounts, manage tokens and NFTs, and interact with DApps on BASE, as well as Substrate and EVM chains.

Follow the guide below to get started on SwapBased using Enkrypt!

To get started, head to SwapBased. Once there, click on "Connect Wallet".

Click on Metamask. Enkrypt will pop up.

Click connect.

You're in! Lets start by swapping. Click on "Swap".

On the right side of the page, some info on the pair you're swapping will be shown, along with relevant Liquidity Pools.

To change which tokens you're swapping, click on the token under "To:" or "From:".

Select which token you want to swap to or from.

Enter in how much you'd like to swap and click on "Swap" when you're ready!

Next, let's check out Liquidity Pools. Click on "Pool".

Enter in how much of each token you'd like to provide in liquidity and you're set! You'll receive LP Tokens in return.

Click on "Farm".

Here you can stake your LP Tokens to earn BASE and Pool fees. Click on a Liquidity Pool that you have LP tokens for.

Enter in how many LP Tokens you'd like to stake. Click on "Approve" when you're ready. You're now earning an APR on your staked LP Tokens!

Now lets do some single token staking. Click on "Staking".

Depending on what token you'd like in return and what token you have, find an appropriate staking pool.

Once you find yours, click on "Stake" to begin staking! You'll now be earning an APR on those tokens.

On the other side of the page, you can lock your $BASE to receive xBASE. You'll get a different rate of xBASE back depending on how long you're willing to lock up your $BASE.

Feeling lucky? Click on "Lottery."

Here you can wager $BASE to qualify for a daily draw of up to 100 winners!

To the right you'll see an overview of the daily pot, total jackpot, previous draw winners and more.

The "Players" tab shows current players wagered at any given time.

"My Prize" will show your past prizes and current stats.

"History" shows a history of every Lottery, including how much was won, who won, and how much was wagered.

Ready for Perpetual trading? Click on "Perpetuals".

You'll be taken to the Perpetuals section of the website. Connect your wallet then click on "Trade" to get started.

You made it! Enter in what tokens and how much you'd like to trade on the right. A chart displaying the pair will be front and center at your convenience.

Click on "Dashboard".

First you'll see Base Total Stats including fees, volume, and active monthly users.

Below that you can see some data on tokens like it's supply, market cap, distribution ratio and more.

Next, click on "Liquidity".

Similar to the main DEX, you can provide liquidity on the Perps DEX as well. Enter in how much you'd like to provide and click "Mint". You'll be rewarded with $BLP.

Click on "Stake BLP" to start earning rewards!

The Staking page from earlier will open in a new tab. Stake your $BLP here.

Next, click on "Analytics".

Here you can find cool stats like supply, fees over time, volume, user actions, and so much more!

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