How to Use Magic Eden on Base with Enkrypt

With the recent addition of Base chain, Magic Eden is quickly becoming the go-to crosschain NFT platform. Follow our guide for help navigating Magic Eden on Base with Enkrypt!

How to Use Magic Eden on Base with Enkrypt

What is Magic Eden?

Magic Eden is a popular NFT marketplace that supports Base, Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon networks. In September 2021, four friends founded Magic Eden on the Solana network but quickly expanded to support Bitcoin Ordinals and Runes, as well as multichain. Magic Eden offers an exclusive minting platform called Launchpad. They accept just 3% of all applications to promote top-tier projects, providing them with vast exposure across Web 3.0, significant potential for post-mint trading volume, and a smooth minting process backed by dedicated developmental support.

What is Enkrypt?

Enkrypt is a multichain, self-custodial, and open-source crypto wallet built by the team behind MEW (MyEtherWallet). With Enkrypt, users and developers can generate accounts, manage tokens and NFTs, and interact with DApps on Base, as well as over 50 other natively integrated networks. Follow the instructions in this guide on how to use Enkrypt with Magic Eden!

Using Magic Eden on Enkrypt

To begin, you'll need a multichain wallet, like Enkrypt! For help downloading and setting up Enkrypt, click here.

Connecting to Magic Eden

Head to Magic Eden. Click on "Connect Wallet".

Select the MetaMask option. Enkrypt supports the same connection as MetaMask so any Dapp that supports MetaMask will support Enkrypt as well.

Select the account you want to connect with on the Enkrypt pop up, then click ‘Connect’.

Purchasing an NFT

Selecting ‘Collections’ in the navigation bar will present you with a diverse selection of NFT collections.

Scrolling through the page will display the ‘Featured’, ‘Top’ ‘Launchpad Drops’ and the ‘Biggest Movers’ collections.

Hover over ‘Discover’, you will be presented with the ‘Collections’ and ‘Rare Sats’ options. ‘Collections’ will show you the most popular collections and the ‘Rare Sats’ option will let you bulk buy rare satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Select ‘Collections’ from the dropdown menu.

On this page, you can scroll through all the available NFT collections. Select the project you would like to view.

Here you can view the links to their website and social media, more info on the collection and the NFTs available for purchase.

You can click on an NFT to add it to your cart. If you would like to buy a single NFT, you can click on the NFT name to view more information about the item and make an offer or purchase the NFT. 

Click ‘Buy’ to continue the purchase process then confirm the transaction on the Enkrypt pop up by clicking ‘Send’.

You will see a ‘Purchase successful’ pop up at the top of the screen if you were able to successfully buy the NFT.

Mint an NFT from Launchpad Projects

Hovering over ‘Mint’ in the navigation bar will show you the ‘Launchpad’, ‘Open Editions’, ‘Inscribe’ and ‘Creator Dashboard’ options. Both ‘Launchpad’ and ‘Open Editions’ will lead you to the ‘Launchpad’ page. ‘Inscribe’ will bring you to the inscription tool that allows you to interact with BRC-20 tokens or inscribe a file, text or domain onto an individual satoshi on the Bitcoin network. The ‘Creator Dashboard’ will bring you to the ‘Creator Hub’ for NFT creators.

Click ‘Launchpad’ to view the projects you can mint during their launch.

Select a project you want to view more information about.

Here you can view the mint price and the total amount minted.

Click the ‘Mint’ button to proceed with the minting process then click ‘Send’ on the Enkrypt pop up to confirm the transaction.

You should see a successful mint pop up, once the transaction has been confirmed.

View Rewards

Select the Diamond icon at the top right of the page.

Here you can view your ‘Loyalty Score’, ‘Diamond Bonus’ and the amount of Diamonds you have earned in the last week and in total. Your ‘Loyalty Score’ is determined by the quantity of NFTs that you have listed with Magic Eden. Please note that having your NFTs listed on other exchanges may decrease your ‘Loyalty Score’. Your ‘Diamond Bonus’ is calculated by adding your ‘Loyalty Score’ with the amount of activity you have conducted on the exchange.

Scroll down to view the available ‘Diamond Quests’ that will boost your Diamond rewards.

Sell NFTs and Manage Listings

Click your Account dropdown menu at the top right of the page to view the ‘My Items’, ‘Rewards’, ‘Account Settings’ and ‘Manage Wallets’ options. The ‘My Items’ option will display all your NFTs in your wallet. The ‘Account Settings’ option will pop up your account settings side menu. The ‘Rewards’ option will lead you to the ‘Diamond Rewards’ page. The ‘Manage Wallets’ option opens the Wallet management side menu.

Select ‘My Items’ to view your NFTs and manage your listings.

You can select multiple NFTs or list an individual NFT for sale. Select ‘List’ to continue selling your NFT.

You can enter the amount you want to list your NFT for. You have the option to sell at ‘Floor’ price, which is the lowest price an NFT is listed for in the collection. Alternatively, you can list the price for the ‘Top Trait’, which is the lowest price for an NFT with a similar rare trait.

Once you enter the amount you want to sell, click the ‘List’ button.

Approve the NFT transfer on the Enkrypt pop up by clicking ‘Send’.

Then you will have to sign the message to confirm the listing by clicking ‘Sign’ on the Enkrypt pop up.

Once your NFT is listed you should see a success pop up at the top of your screen.

You should also be able to cancel or add a new listing.

Change Account Settings

Select ‘Account Settings’ to open the account settings menu. Here you can change your username, display name and more. Adding an anti-phishing code is recommended if you add your email address. Whenever you receive a genuine email from Magic Eden your anti-phishing code will be in the email.

Select ‘Manage Wallet’ to remove, link, or set a specific wallet as your main wallet.

Thank you for checking out our guide on using Magic Eden with Enkrypt! Don't forget to download Enkrypt for a seamless web3 multichain wallet experience. We would love to hear from you on our social media about any guide suggestions you have for the future. Also, if you enjoy using mobile cryptocurrency wallets, give our MEW Wallet mobile app a try, it's available on both iOS and Android platforms!

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