Bridge from Ethereum to Base with Enkrypt using Base Bridge

Finding a legitimate and secure bridging protocol can be intimidating. That's what we're here for! Read our guide for help bridging from Ethereum to Base using Enkrypt.

Bridge from Ethereum to Base with Enkrypt using Base Bridge

Get your Ethereum assets onto Base to start using web3 with lower fees

Enkrypt is a multichain, non-custodial, and open-source web3 browser wallet built by the team behind MEW (MyEtherWallet). With Enkrypt, users and developers can generate accounts, manage tokens and NFTs, and interact with DApps on Base, as well as Substrate and Bitcoin chains. Follow the instructions in this guide in order to bridge to Base!

Layer 2s and scalability networks like Base are compatible with Ethereum, but you can't just send assets from Ethereum to Base in a regular transaction. The way to transfer assets between Ethereum and Layer 2s is through applications called bridges.

Like ETH on Ethereum, Base also uses ETH as its native currency that you need to pay for network fees. However, the gas fees are much lower and transactions are faster than on the Ethereum mainnet. You will need to spend some crypto in Ethereum fees initially to bridge your assets to Base, but once you do that, you will be able to enjoy very low-fee transactions going forward.

To start trading tokens on Base instead of Ethereum, bridge your assets to the Base network.

Unlock your Enkrypt Wallet. Select the Base network on the left side menu then select the ‘Dapps’ tab at the bottom and select ‘Base Bridge’

You can either use ‘’ or ‘SuperBridge’ to bridge your tokens to Base but in this example we will use ‘’.

Select ‘’.

Both and SuperBridge are third-party DApps and are not affiliated with MEW in any way. Bridging assets from network to network involves some inherent risk. Please do your research and proceed at your own discretion.

Click ‘Connect Wallet’ at the top right.

Select ‘Enkrypt’.

On the Enkrypt pop up, select ‘Connect’.

The form should automatically select Ethereum as the ‘From’ network and Base as the ‘To’ network.

You can select the ‘From’ drop down menu to select which network you want to bridge from. 

In this example we will use the Ethereum network.

Enter the amount you want to bridge to the Base network then click ‘Review Transaction’.

There will be a pop up confirmation that will display the transaction details. Once you are done reviewing the transaction click ‘Confirm’.

Confirm the transaction on the Enkrypt pop up by clicking ‘Send’.

There should be a pop up showing the transaction is processing. You can close the pop up while your transaction is being processed.

You can view the progress of your transaction by clicking the clock icon at the top right.

Here you can click your transaction to view more details but our ETH has completed bridging to Base network.

You should see the ETH on the Base network in your wallet.

Now you are ready to swap on the Base network - see our guide here.

Thank you for checking out our guide on bridging your tokens to Base with Enkrypt! Don't forget to download Enkrypt for a seamless web3 multichain wallet experience. We would love to hear from you on our social media about any guide suggestions you have for the future. Also, if you enjoy using mobile cryptocurrency wallets, give our MEW Wallet mobile app a try, it's available on both iOS and Android platforms!

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