How to farm potential LayerZero $ZRO airdrop

How to farm the potential LayerZero $ZRO airdrop using Enkrypt!

How to farm potential LayerZero $ZRO airdrop

Are you ready to farm the highly anticipated LayerZero $ZRO airdrop but don’t know where to start? You don’t need to be a crypto expert to potentially qualify for a LayerZero $ZRO airdrop. Follow the guide below to learn how to do it in just a few easy steps!

‘Airdrops’ are a way for a project to distribute its tokens or coins to a large number of wallet addresses, often for free or as a reward. Airdrops usually serve a promotional purpose, with the aim of increasing awareness, user adoption, and the distribution of a new cryptocurrency. To potentially qualify for future airdrops, you can hold a certain token, sign up for a specific service, or support a project. While airdrops create excitement and reward loyalty, be cautious and research the project and team to avoid potential scams.

Learning from the recent Arbitrum airdrop, we can begin to build a strategy and anticipate potential criteria in order to qualify for future airdrops.

Read this easy guide for a chance at qualifying for a future LayerZero $ZRO Airdrop and to gain an advantage on the rest of the farmers! Keep in mind that no LayerZero $ZRO airdrop has been confirmed and that this is pure speculation. This is for informational purposes and not financial advice. Always do your own research.

*Bridging from chain to chain is always a security risk. Please continue at your own discretion, and do your own research before bridging assets from one chain to another. *

*Again, the following guide is not financial advice. Always do your own research. *

First things first - you’ll need a wallet that supports LayerZero $ZRO, like Enkrypt. For help installing and setting up Enkrypt, click here.

1) Get some $USDC

To begin this farm, you'll need some $USDC. $USDC will allow you to farm the most amount of LayerZero protocols with the least amount of trades, saving time and money (bridges can be expensive!).

Open up Enkrypt and make sure you're on the Ethereum network. Click on 'Swap'.

Enter how much you'd like to swap, you don't need much! Click on 'Preview Swap' when you're ready.

Click on 'Proceed with swap'.

The following will pop up within Enkrypt. Once the transaction is completed, the $USDC will appear in your wallet!

2) Use the bridge

Once you have some $USDC in your wallet, head to the Stargate bridge. Not only is Stargate bridge powered by LayerZero, it was also the first dApp developed by LayerZero, allowing assets to be bridged cross-chain.

Click 'transfer' on the home bar.

Bridge some $USDC from ETH to MATIC. The act of bridging any asset on Stargate will likely qualify you for a LayerZero $ZRO airdrop, but you'll need $USDC on Polygon for later in the guide.

Click on 'transfer'.

3) Stake $STG tokens

Because LayerZero and Stargate have such a close relationship, there is a high chance that participation in the Stargate ecosystem will contribute to LayerZero $ZRO airdrop criteria.

While you wait for your funds to bridge or 'transfer', head to Uniswap and buy some StargateToken. We'll use these to participate in the Stargate ecosystem.

Enter in the amount of STG you'd like to swap.

To be sure that you're swapping the correct token, you can double check the contract address by scrolling down.

After making sure you have the right token, click on 'Swap' then 'Confirm Swap'.

Head back to Stargate and click 'Stake' on the top of the page. The following page will load.

From here, click on the white square containing the APY.

Enter in how much $STG token you'd like to stake and for how long. It will be locked up for that period of time and you'll receive $VESTG.

Returning to the Stake page, it should look like so.

4) Vote on a Stargate DAO proposal

As mentioned earlier, any and all interaction on Stargate may have an impact on your LayerZero $ZRO airdrop. Lets vote on a Stargate DAO proposal using your $VESTG!

From the Stake page, scroll down and click on 'Vote on snapshot'.

You'll be taken to the Stargate DAO page. Click 'Join'.

Click on 'connect'.

Once your wallet is connected, you can vote on any live proposals.

5) Use the DefiKingdoms bridge

DefiKingdoms, or DFK, is a multichain dApp powered by LayerZero. You can utilize the DefiKingdoms bridge for literal pennies. Because you can do a bunch of bridging on DefiKingdoms for so cheap, you can increase your amount of LayerZero interactions by a lot here.

First, add DFK chain to Enkrypt. Head to

Click on 'Add to Metamask'. Enkrypt will pop up.

Click on 'Add Network'.

It will appear in your Enkrypt wallet.

Being that you already have $USDC on Polygon, and you need funds on DFK chain, Synapse bridge is the most efficient route. Head to

Bridge some $USDC from Polygon to DFK chain by clicking on and selecting the corresponding networks.

Once you've bridged $USDC from Polygon to DFK chain, head to The following will pop up, click on the green "X" on the top right.

Click on 'Play'.

Click on 'Connect Wallet'.

Make sure you're on DFK chain in Enkrypt and Enkrypt will auto connect.

You'll be taken to the following page.

Click on 'Marketplace'.

Click on 'Trader'.

Swap some $USDC for $DFKGOLD. This is the asset we'll be bridging (using LayerZero of course!) for very, very cheap.

Next, you'll need some $JEWEL to pay for bridging fees. Swap $USDC for $JEWEL using the trader.

Once you have both $JEWEL and $DFKGOLD, click on your inventory on the left side of the screen.

Click on the Gold in your inventory.

Click on 'Bridge token'.

Click on 'Bridge Items'. This here is the actual interaction with LayerZero. Once you're finished, come back to this step and do it again and again until your hearts content - the more you do the better!

After the transaction has gone through, the following will appear.

To be sure we did it right, click on "View on DFK Explorer".

Copy your transaction hash by scrolling over and clicking it.

Head to and enter in your transaction hash into the search bar.

If you bridged correctly it should look like the page below.

As we learned from the Arbitrum airdrop, amount of transactions done on-chain will most likely come into play. Because bridging on DFK chain costs only cents, you can basically farm your LayerZero $ZRO airdrop for pennies. Most farmers recommend doing multiple contract interactions over the course of many days in order to maximize your chances of an airdrop. The more the better. Happy farming!

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