How to buy Ordinals with Enkrypt

Ordinals are the new shiny toy on the block(chain). But what exactly *are* Bitcoin Ordinals?

How to buy Ordinals with Enkrypt

First things first you'll need to turn on the UniSat injection in Enkrypt.

Open up Enkrypt. Click on the 3 dots on the bottom left side of the wallet.

Click on "Settings".

Click on "General".

Toggle on UniSat injection using the toggle below. Now we're ready to trade Ordinals!

Head to an Ordinals marketplace like Click on "Connect Wallet".

Select UniSat wallet and Enkrypt will pop up.

Once you're connected, browse Ordinals collections!

When you find one that catches your eye, click it. You'll be taken to the dedicated page for that project, where you can see more NFTs from that specific project.

After picking one that you want to purchase, click on "Buy".

Read over the transaction details and confirm they are correct. Click on "Confirm." Wait a few seconds and your NFT will appear in your wallet!

Did you know? There are 100,000,000 satoshis or “sats” per Bitcoin. Satoshis are a mechanism created to divide up Bitcoins. Satoshis allow us to send 0.01 BTC (1,000,000 satoshis), or any amount, instead of only whole BTC’s at a time!

BRC-20s and beyond on

While on, click on "brc-20" to check out a list of BRC-20 tokens available to trade. BRC-20s are essentially the same thing as ERC-20 tokens, but they live on Bitcoin instead of Ethereum. 

Click on a specific token to see its details, including supply, limit per mint, deployer, and more.

Click on "Trade" on the top right to trade this BRC-20.

Here you can trade the BRC-20 that you selected earlier. Click on "Buy" to purchase the BRC-20 token.

Click on "Search" to search for specific Inscriptions.

Want to inscribe your own Bitcoin NFT? You're in luck! Click on "inscribe" to get started.

Upload the file you want to inscribe, then click on "Submit & Pay invoice" to mint it onchain!

Other Ordinals Marketplaces to check out:

Ordinal Hive

Ordinals Wallet

Magic Eden



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