Claiming FLR tokens? You can do it with Enkrypt.

Use the multichain web3 browser extension wallet Enkrypt to claim your FLR airdrop.

Claiming FLR tokens? You can do it with Enkrypt.

Many projects in crypto started out on Ethereum, with Ethereum-based tokens, and in time, moved to their own chain and native coin.

The recent Flare (FLR) airdrop is an example of a project that initially collected Ethereum addresses for the drop, but by the time the drop was made, it was distributed on the new network. In this case, the new Flare network is still compatible with Ethereum and the EVM, which makes claiming the drop somewhat easier. Users just need to connect the Ethereum wallet they submitted for the claim to the Flare network, OR, import the Ethereum wallet that received FLR into a wallet that will support Flare.

Here’s how to do it with MEW and Enkrypt.

If you used a MEW web, MEW CX, or MEW wallet app address for the claim:

*This will also work if you submitted the Ethereum address from any other non-custodial wallet - just import the keys from that wallet into Enkrypt.

Neither MEW web nor MEW wallet app support Flare network, but our new browser extension wallet Enkrypt supports multiple chains and allows for the addition of custom networks. То claim and manage your FLR:

1.Install Enkrypt.

2.If you have a recovery phrase from the wallet that you submitted for the claim, use the phrase to restore the wallet in Enkrypt.

3.If you have a private key or keystore file to the wallet you submitted for the claim, first generate a new wallet with Enkrypt, write down your phrase, and then import an account via private key or keystore.

4.If you had MEW CX, you should have exported your wallet as a keystore file to migrate to Enkrypt – which means you either have the keystore file and password from that wallet, or you are using Enkrypt already.

5.Add the Flare network as custom network in Enkrypt, using these parameters:

6.You should now see your FLR tokens in the balance. You can use Enkrypt to connect to any web DApp designed for the Flare network.

7.If you are also holding Songbird network assets and want to interact with those web DApps and services, you can add Songbird to Enkrypt as custom network with these parameters:

If you used a Ledger Ethereum address for the claim:

You may have used your Ledger with MEW web in the past for managing your Ethereum assets, but MEW web does not support XRP, Flare, or Songbird. That means you won’t see those balances or be able to manage those assets in MEW web.

*Note that if you gave the Ethereum address you saw in MEW web when connecting your Ledger, that is your Ledger address, not a MEW address. Connecting your Ledger to MEW does not create a new wallet in MEW. It’s just showing you the Ethereum assets on your Ledger wallet.

You have two options for managing FLR that was dropped to your Ledger address.

Ledger provides a guide to adding the FLR network to the Ledger Live directly:

  • You may or may not be able to interact with Flare DApps and services after adding Flare to Ledger Live - contact Ledger for more clarification on that.

You can also use Ledger with our Enkrypt multichain browser wallet to connect to Flare (as well as Songbird) and interact with those networks’ DApps from your Ledger.

1.Install Enkrypt.

2.Create a new wallet. This wallet will be a different and separate one from your Ledger wallet, but you should still write down the recovery phrase and keep it in a safe place. DO NOT put your Ledger seed directly into Enkrypt - you don’t need to do that to use Ledger with Enkrypt, and you shouldn’t use your hardware wallet seed phrase anywhere outside the wallet.

3.Add the Flare network as custom network in Enkrypt, using these parameters:

4.Connect your Ledger to Enkrypt using the following guide: Select the Ethereum app for connection.

5.After connecting the Ledger, select the Flare network and you should be able to see your FLR balance. If you don’t, make sure it’s the same address that you submitted for the drop.

Hopefully you now have access to your FLR tokens. If you are still having trouble, please write to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help!

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